Thursday, 31 May 2012

Flexing muscles

These are for a sketch page but are warm-ups 
for todays work also. About an hours work. 
I'll tidy these up later for the final sketch page.
These were all drawn in position which 
is how I do most elements on a sketch page.
The link is to the actual working size image, 
I'm using a 2200x2200 canvas in Sketchbook Pro.

The gap on the bottom left will no doubt
 be filled with some poor tormented individual, 
bodily fluids or cock nipples etc.


Mark said...

I'm liking it already, but don't be skittish about posting the rough work too. I love them as much as the finished stuff. :)

--- said...

Inspiring stuff

DanHale said...

Awesome lines, love that custom brush looks like real ink but better somehow.

calumalexanderwatt said...

Mark: I know, but... always leave a good-looking corpse you know? :)

Jukka Aittakumpu: thanks!

DanHale: yeah, it's actually a fault in the brush engine that gives it that dip-pen feal (for me)