Friday 28 October 2011

Happy Halloween

I've decided - for one reason and another - to return to painting in Photoshop.
Hello darkness my old friend.

Friday 21 October 2011

BLAST from the Past #002.5

As a multiplayer game, Avalon was a blast,
finding a single player format was always tricky,
here's the animatic to sell the single player mode.

I only drew the frames,
the edit was done by Dan Porter and sound by Steve Rocket,
they live over here now: The Trailerfarm

Speaking of the frames, here's a few,
I coloured about 60 of these in a week.
 Back in 2005 I think...

Monday 3 October 2011

BLAST from the Past #002

After the Metallica game I joined the Moto GP team
to concept and build a few characters for their prototype project: Avalon.
It became a high point and the very lowpoint of my game career.
I was tasked with coming up with four distinct body types to reflect
the weapon classes: gunner, grenadier, sniper, rocketeer.
This was my initial concept. I am going to say no more, except:
Circa 2004:

Of course game dev is not so simple. 
Below are the iterations and then the direction changes
which occured after a short break in the prototyping. 
Sadly the game wasn't picked up.

I was under increasing pressure to become a painter,
which lead me to where I am now I guess.
It also taught me to be as
hard as nails when it comes to feedback.

Next time, the Avalon Animatic.


Thanks all for the overwhelming response
to my last post, I think I went viral for a few hours back there...
Still busy, so more to come from the store room I'm afraid.