Monday 24 November 2014

ALIEN:Isolation (part 1)

Here is the first post of ALIEN:Isolation work.
In 2011, I worked for Creative Assembly/SEGA for around six months on the pre-production of 
the project. It was a joy and a treat to work on the project and I want to thank Jude Bond and
Alistair Hope for their great artistic and creative direction, thanks chaps!

The source material is of course the best you can get: Ron Cobb,
Chris Foss, Moebius and Geiger (not to mention Scott, O'Bannon , Bower et al!). It was a joy to dip into their material and in a tiny way contribute to the world of ALIEN.

I will post more soon regarding the character work, which if I'm honest, my part owes 95% of
the work to Moebius and amazing John Mollo
(who an entire generation of concept artists owe a debt to how we approach sci-fi costuming).

But for now: storyboards. These were created as part of an animatic, essentially an 'animated' storyboard. I was using my triangle brush in Sketchbook Pro for theses, later exported in layers to
be animated in After Effects.

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