Friday 30 March 2012

ImagineFX 82 Workshop

I've a workshop in the latest issue of ImagineFX.

It's a walkthrough on how I did a particular image in Sketchbook Pro.
There's a capture on the disc and the brushes I used and some texture stuff too.

I hate doing captures, I always get stage-fright and fuck things up.
Anyway, there's a feature with Adam Hughes so get it for that alone!

These are the other ideas I had, but we went with the mech.
I like the guy having a coffee personally,
but then I'm always one to focus on the undramatic.

Monday 12 March 2012

Sketchbook Pro Brush Settings

Some of you have asked what brushes I use.
Here are my brush settings for Sketchbook Pro.
I have fairly extreme pressure settings as 
I'm pretty lazy and don't like swapping between different size brushes, 
I let pressure handle the change. 
I should mention I have a corresponding eraser 
for each of these listed below: 
when I use a certain brush, I always use the equivalent eraser.

Old pencil/ink brush: 

New pencil/ink brush: 

Triangle ink brush: 

Watercolour/Paint brush: 

I've tried recreating these in PS and Painter but with no real satisfactory results. 
As I use PS for 'post' work, levels etc, I use standard preset brushes.

Hope that's of some use!

Friday 9 March 2012

Ranger Bob WIP

I thought I'd get this done this week, but too busy elsewhere ;)
I've been doing a good deal of painting for clients which has been great, 
but I've also employed photo texture overlay work in these to give them real bite.
Here, I'm just kicking back and relying on pure paint-work,
and a shit load of adjustment layers as usual.
I'll post all the stages once done, but really it's a case of
filling the page with a brush...

I hope to finish the Bomb Doctor strip (or at least re-do and finish) one day,
but for now it's an umbrella project just to get some personal pieces done.

Friday 2 March 2012

Bomb Doctor lunchtime sketch

 Quick lunchtime sketch (over an old rough)
Using my triangle brush which I love and hate equally. 
I've included the settings,
you'll need to creat a triangle and sample it first.
WARNING: may be addictive, will probably crash .

(the link is the actual size of the working image, too damn small)

 Should have been painting it.... maybe I will...