Friday, 30 March 2012

ImagineFX 82 Workshop

I've a workshop in the latest issue of ImagineFX.

It's a walkthrough on how I did a particular image in Sketchbook Pro.
There's a capture on the disc and the brushes I used and some texture stuff too.

I hate doing captures, I always get stage-fright and fuck things up.
Anyway, there's a feature with Adam Hughes so get it for that alone!

These are the other ideas I had, but we went with the mech.
I like the guy having a coffee personally,
but then I'm always one to focus on the undramatic.


Mark said...

As bad as you think you might mess up on a capture, I guarantee you that everyone who loves your work would watch and adore it.

Kan Muftic said...

Amazing workshop, Cal. I also think the coffee guy is the strongest one;)

Ben Greene said...

Gonna have to pick this issue up!

Andrey Egorov said...

I really love your work. Very solid and dimensional, I feel the weight.

trevor said...

wow man i have to go get this now. you cant possibly screw up your captures as bad as my 16 hour tutorial a while back hahaha

Iain said...

Admire your honesty regarding capture. I can imagine it would be distracting. Your stuff is great. Always envy your figure stuff. Great knowledge of the human figure. Great design sense too. I'll check out this brush settings.

mean goreng said...

the discs they ship with rarely arrive here in NZ without having been corrupted. will grab this copy regardless. and hope like fuck it goes

love your work dude. thanks for sharing

Leeroy Vanilla said...

Beautiful render! Very inspiring atmosphere! Thanks for sharing!