Monday 12 March 2012

Sketchbook Pro Brush Settings

Some of you have asked what brushes I use.
Here are my brush settings for Sketchbook Pro.
I have fairly extreme pressure settings as 
I'm pretty lazy and don't like swapping between different size brushes, 
I let pressure handle the change. 
I should mention I have a corresponding eraser 
for each of these listed below: 
when I use a certain brush, I always use the equivalent eraser.

Old pencil/ink brush: 

New pencil/ink brush: 

Triangle ink brush: 

Watercolour/Paint brush: 

I've tried recreating these in PS and Painter but with no real satisfactory results. 
As I use PS for 'post' work, levels etc, I use standard preset brushes.

Hope that's of some use!


jake gumbleton said...

You are a generous old soul! Can you upload your brain too so we can all use that on our work too? Loving your recent updates.
How are you getting on with freelancing?

Army Artist said...

Thank You! Its was like Christmas when I got home from work and found that you shared your brush settings thank you. I have spent hours trying to emulate your brush. Now I must get back to play. Again Thank you.


You are true soul... ther are rare people who are great artist and great human being....Thanks

Omen D4 said...

Come over here and pucker up you beautiful man. I hope all that vodka doesn't go to your Wacom. Cheers fella

Anonymous said...

Thank you, good sir! Now i have a brand new set called "CAW Brushes"! Wish i had the skill too ;)

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! That is so very generous of you! And keep up the marvellous work!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, this changed the game with Sketchbook Pro for me. Thanks so much for posting these. Fantastic.

Iñigo Rotaetxe said...

Thank you so much, you are so inspiring and generous. Your post has definitively made me try sketchbook, and start to enjoy it so much.
Congratulations for your wonderful work master.

bangut said...

muchisimas gracias!
por vuestra generosidad
thank you very much for your

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

Thanks for these great Brushes! Never had such a natural feeling, when drawing on my Wacom...

BTW, do you have any suggestions, how to emulate "Watercolor-bleeding"? Because I saw some nice Sketches of you, using it, on your Portfolio.

Unknown said...

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JavaPunk00 said...

How can I get these brushes?

Nisha said...

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