Friday, 9 December 2011


The next project was a so hard.
I think I did over 70 individual character studies, 
and none seemed to inspire the project leads.
By it's very nature 90% of concept work ends up in the bin,
but here I felt 100% failure.
As if to compound that,
when the project failed to meet greenlight
I was reallocated to environment modelling.
A task I hadn't undertaken since 7 years prior.


Luis Antonio said...

Why did they all fail to inspire the leads?

calumalexanderwatt said...

Luis Antonio: I wish I knew, as you can see I tried a whole range of treatmens and approaches (plus more than I've posted here). Nothing stuck.

Mark said...

That is truly astounding to me, I think your concepts in general have such appeal to them. I can't believe your leads would react that way. It's friggin nonsense to my brain.

calumalexanderwatt said...

Mark: cheers, I know, to be fair we were trying to generate a brand new IP so the whole show was perhaps too open, I felt I covered enough styles and approaches to meet all audiences.

Duc said...

Alex Man!
I've been following you for years and you're my favourite Artist. I cant believe your leads weren't inspired by your work!! I think there were just tooo smashed by to much great art and couldnt decide which way to go. :D!
You still inspire me although I know your work for years now. Thanks for that!

Marco Nelor said...

Yo alex... im a LONG TIME fan. and i think its sort of an inside joke amongst concept artists.... the leads are SO DUMB sometimes...and it wasnt a failure on your part. because you inspire many, many, MANY of us. i think the project would have been great. in this case, just see it as, you were overqualified for the gig. haha ;)