Thursday, 21 July 2011

MECHDOWN page 2!


Sam Rowan said...

every page is a gem
amazing man . I love each of your updates

Bag said...

Pure amazing, you are an inspiration! :D

Ben Greene said...

Whew, totally digging this series!

Daniel Hoang said...

Incredible! :)

If you made a graphic novel I'd buy it ;)

... been a while since I've checked your blog, being treated to an entire page of awesome Art is so invigorating! It's so inspiring seeing you get better and better!

lee carter said...

was going to say amazing work but noticed that word had already being used.....FAntastic work, even that dosent properly describe your art,,,ok got it,,really fffing good

Dylan said...

Lovely stuff Calum. what are you using to ink these? Really like the line quality.

Diantres said...

so good

calumalexanderwatt said...

Sam: too kind sir!

Bag: great, thank you!

Ben Greene: cheers!

Fieldscarecrow: thankyou and thanks for your support.

lee: you a crazy man! But thanks ;)

Dylan: nice of you to drop by Sir! thanks!

Diantres: cheers!