Saturday, 9 July 2011

...and now with process

Somewhat of a long way around...

the above guy I drew straight out... the Minotaur has
proved a little trickier, I wanted him to be more beast-like.
I'll have another go I think...


Chris said...

Thanks for the process information. It's a good insight into how an image is shaped using different applications.

Borislav Mitkov said...

Thanks for sharing!

Sedat Oezgen said...

Hey Man,

been a fan for many many years! Found your work backvthen through!

I really love your style and how your artwork developed
within the last few years. BTW. you should send in some of your stuff to marvel or dc im pretty sure these guys would immeadietly sign you for something up!

Keep the great artwork up!

Regards from Germany,

Sedat :)

calumalexanderwatt said...

Chris: cheers, a bit long winded, I'm refining the approach at the moment.

Borilius: thanks for th support man!

Sedat: thanks, I may look at comics again, cheers.