Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sketchpage Inking Capture

This starts off real-time (though I think
the capture feels laggy) and kicks up
the playback when the audio starts.
Might be a bit drowsy otherwise.

and the actual working size:


nlombardo said...

thanks for sharing so much of your process!

Ben Eoff said...

Yea, thanks for these. Enjoy watching your work that magic.

David Heidhoff said...

So fun to watch and really interesting to learn more about your process! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the vid!
So this stage of the drawing you've already done the sketches and are more or less "inking"?
Can you show a bit of how you go about creating the initial sketch (what you were drawing over in this vid)?

Also what was the music playing? was good!

Anonymous said...

Wow, yeah so if i read the actual title of the post then I'd see that you are indeed inking lol. god i'm a retard at times :P

Anyway, love your work! ;)

Anonymous said...


Brosa said...

Awesome Alexander; I have been following your work for a while, and I think my head will explode. Thanks for sharing your process, I think I'm gonna download this sketch program.

I would like to say that your works gives me that feeling of keep working hard to try to get a high level. Thanks

calumalexanderwatt said...

nlombardo: cheers

Ben Eoff: thanks

David Heidhoff: thanks!

Anon: check out the previous vid. Music details on YouTube.

drend: cheers!

Brosa: Hard work and the right software ;)

Jared Scott Greenleaf said...

is that a standard brush you are using on sketchbook pro? or is it a custom, I love how you get these little inkblots in between the line work. Please share!

Jared Scott Greenleaf said...

nevermind! just saw your link on the right there!!

Virgile Loth said...

Sorry for replyhing on a old post. Im trying to improve my digital inking and I think I might be trying to sketch too high res. You seem to have no problem working zoomed in past the 100% with pixel being displayed. Do you find that working at lower res like that gives you more fluid lines ???

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