Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sketch Page Sneak Peak

this may (or may not!) make it into a industry related publication soon. 
I'll post the full thing when it (or doesn't) gets printed.


Kan Muftic said...

It's a fucking due! The world needs your sketchbook, Cal.
Greetings from the rioting neighbour:)

Sedatoezgen said...

hey Cal,
great stuff man! Can you tell us what this is for?

Also, is there maybe a chance that you put up a jpeg of the texture u used here? That would be awesome :)

Regards from Cold old Germany,

calumalexanderwatt said...

Kan: get me a TV will ya!

Sedatoezgen: it may or may not appear in ImagineFX, I'll keep you posted. I'll see about the texture file, I didn't create it originally (though I have worked into it..)so...

Sedatoezgen said...

Awesome! Thanks man!!!:):)