Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Batman Blackgate Concepts

In 2014 I will be returning to the warm bossom of fulltime work. Freelance has been
a great experience and I've met and worked with some brilliant people.
As a thanks to all for your continued support during the year here are some concepts for Batman Blackgate.

This first material render of Bronze Tiger was painted in Sketchbook Pro,
with grading and photo-texture overlays applied in Photoshop. The face is probably pretty much a photo :/

 These were the original color roughs to decide on the above pose.

 Various character sketches for the handheld version, Joker gang, Penguin gang etc.

Best to all in 2014!


Jon A. Baker said...

These are great and your work is very inspiring to me. Congrats on the full-time work and I can't wait to see stuff.

Ken said...

Which studio will you be working for now?

Leo said...

This was lovely to reaad